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Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Microscopy and Imaging Core
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The NICHD Microscopy and Imaging Core (MIC) is designed as a multi-user research facility providing training and instrumentation for high resolution microscopy and image processing. The core is located on the fifth and sixth floors of building 49. It is equipped with several point scanning confocal microscopes (Zeiss LSM 510 meta inverted, Zeiss LSM 510 meta upright 2-photon, Zeiss Live DuoScan), two sub-resolution imaging platforms (Dual-channel Olympus TIRF and PALM instruments), and two wide-field fluorescence microscopes (Olympus BX61 upright and Zeiss Lumar stereo-microscope), together with a Jeol 1400 Transmission Electron Microscope.

The mission of the Core is to provide training, support and instruments for all NICHD scientists who require high-resolution microscopy in their research. In addition, the Core is involved in technology development focused on improving, automating, and providing enhanced access to advanced imaging technologies, including:

  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Time-lapse imaging
  • Fluorescence methodologies (FRAP, FRET, uncaging, photo-activation)
  • Sub-resolution microscopy (TIRF, PALM)
  • Multi--photon imaging
  • Image processing

In addition:

  • Remote users: The MIC offers full fledged Tissue Culture Facilities and animal hosting in Building 49.
  • Tissue processing: Cryostat and two vibratomes available.
  • High-speed dual-channel TIRF Microscope online.
  • New: Zeiss Lumar fluorescence stereo microscope.
  • New: Sub-resolution (PALM) instrument completed.
  • New: Jeol JEM 1400 electron microscope online!

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