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Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Microscopy and Imaging Core
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LSM Documentation

  • Notes on Device Safety (pdf file)This section contains general notes on device safety, safe operation, and possible hazards caused by failure to observe the instructions.
  • LSM 510 - Setup Requirements (pdf file) The Setup Requirements section outlines the installation and supply requirements of the LSM 510 Microscope System, together with the relevant specifications.
  • Introduction to Laser Scanning Microscopy (pdf file) This section describes an introduction to Laser Scanning Microscopy, with an explanation of the principles of confocal imaging.
  • Quickstart (pdf file)
  • Operation in Expert Mode (pdf file) This section describes the most important steps and procedures of the LSM menu structure. The step-by-step description how to get an image will be shown by typical application examples including the WINDOWS NT 4.0 graphic user environment.
  • VBA Programming for LSM (pdf file)
  • Routine Mode and Tools (pdf file) This section contains a description of the Routine Mode for scanning images using the LSM scanning module and the use of the tools for setting the microscope.
  • 3D for LSM 510 (pdf file) This section contains a description of the LSM 3D software package (basic program and addons).
  • Annex (pdf file) The annex contains the Application-specific Configurations and special notes and information for using the LSM microscope.
  • Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscopy - Using the Zeiss LSM 510 NLO (pdf file) This section describes two-photon excitation on Zeiss LSM platforms.
  • Axiovert 200M (pdf file) This section describes the inner working of the Axiovert 200 inverted motorized microscope.
  • Axioskop 2FS (pdf file) Specifications for the Zeiss Axioskop upright fixed stage microscope