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Clinical Science Rep: Fariha Kamran, MD

Fariha Kamran

Fariha Kamran graduated from King Edward Medical University in Lahore, Pakistan. She completed three years of pediatric residency at Nassau University Medical Center in Long Island, New York and is now a second-year clinical fellow at the Pediatrics Endocrine program at NIH. She currently works on two projects: elucidation of genetic mechanisms involved in somatic growth using microarray technology (mentored by Jeff Baron, MD) and leptin therapy in pediatric patients with Lipodystrophy (mentored by: Kristina Rother, MD).

Fariha Kamran would like to see the following qualities in a mentor: love for teaching, excellent work ethics, and an ability to place the fellow's interests before the mentor's interests.

Basic Science Rep: Kristofor Langlais, PhD

Kristofor Langlais

Kristofor Langlais received his doctorate in Molecular and Developmental Biology from Oregon Health and Science University in 2005. After three years of teaching high school and undergraduate science in Oregon and Vermont, he arrived at NIH to expand his expertise into the field of epigenetics and to experience the workings of a federal agency. He now seeks to apply his scientific training to a non-bench career that combines science and public policy.

Kristofor Langlais believes a real mentor cares about you personally, and is interested in seeing you succeed in your career and life goals, whatever they are, and whether or not that benefits the mentor. Dr. Langlais believes that if your supervisor isn't readily accessible, or doesn't provide inspiration as well as truly honest and thoughtful guidance, then he or she isn't your mentor and you should seek an actual mentor elsewhere.