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Please join The NICHD Connection in welcoming the following fellows to the NICHD family:

Omanma Adighibe MD, PhD

Home city: Washington, DC

PhD institution: Oxford University, UK

NICHD mentor: Dr. Mel DePamphilis

Area of research: Program on Genomics of Differentiation

Dr. Omanma Adighibe

Arnab Datta, PhD

Home city: Kolkata, India

PhD institution: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

NICHD mentor: Dr. Anil B. Mukherjee

Area of research: Neuroscience, Proteomics

Dr. Arnab Datta

Hyun Min Jung (Officially, Hyunmin Jung), PhD

Home city: Seoul, South Korea

PhD institution: University of Florida

NICHD mentor: Dr. Brant Weinstein

Area of research: Vessel development in zebrafish (current), microRNA in Cancer Research (PhD)

Dr. Hyun Min Jung