We are happy to welcome two new fellows to the NICHD family. If you recently arrived at the NICHD and would like to be introduced in our quarterly “Meet Our New Fellows” column, please contact our editor, Dr. Shana Spindler, at Shana.Spindler@gmail.com.

Dr. Chakraborty

Arup Chakraborty

Postdoctoral Fellow

Home city and country: Kolkata, India

Degree institution: National Cancer Institute and Texas Tech University  

NICHD mentor: Dr. Melvin DePamphilis

Area of research: I am studying the role of DNA re-replication inhibitor protein geminin in human embryonic stem cells.

Vanessa Bonetti

Vanessa Bonetti

Postbac Fellow

Home city and state: Potomac, Maryland

Degree institution: University of Maryland, College Park 

NICHD mentor: Dr. Stephen Suomi

Area of research: I am studying the early life determinants of social, emotional, and cognitive functioning in nonhuman primate models of child development.