Congratulations to Dr. Rosario Vicidomini, postdoctoral fellow in the Serpe lab, for winning the 2017 scientific retreat image competition.

The criteria by which image submissions were judged: composition, color palate, size and resolution, subject, overall image quality, and likeness to art versus a scientific figure. 

Dr. Vicidomini’s image of neuromuscular junction (NMJ) motor neurons in Drosophila larvae wowed the judges for a first place win. Please join The NICHD Connection in congratulating Dr. Vicidomini on the exciting data, but more importantly for this issue, the impressive piece of art.

NMJ Motor Neurons

NMJ motor neurons

Bundle of glutamatergic motor neurons (red) innervate the body-wall muscles of a fly larvae. They form several types of synaptic terminals: type Ib—large boutons (yellow in the left panel), type Is—small boutons (yellow in the right panel) and type II—long, thin terminals punctuated by tiny boutons.