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Sonal Vaid

Sonal Vaid, MD

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Sonal Vaid, MD, is a new clinical fellow in adult endocrinology in NIH’s Inter-Institute Endocrinology Training Program. As both a Hoosier and a Boilermaker Engineer, Dr. Vaid’s studies have allowed her to travel during medical school and serve her community back home in Indiana during her residency. She loves art, nature, the ocean, traveling, human psychology, humor, and learning about different cultures. Her interest in endocrinology originally stemmed from her curiosity about the origins of disease states and metabolic syndromes. She believes medicine is an art and hopes to always remain creative through patient care and research.

We asked Dr. Vaid a few questions about herself to get to know the person behind the degree. Introducing Dr. Vaid:

Where are you from, and what path brought you to an endocrinology fellowship at NIH?

I’m from Carmel, Indiana (Roots: Northern India). After completing many endocrine electives during both medical school and residency, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Since my days in biomedical engineering at Purdue, medical school and through residency, I would refer to NIH for articles and guidelines. I knew that if I wanted to gain expertise in a field, I would want to train at a place that would teach me how to conduct clinical research, dissect meaningful research, and think critically in order to always practice evidence-based medicine.

What do you plan to investigate as an endocrinology fellow?

I am intrigued by how metabolic syndrome over time leads to the development of multiple disease states. I am interested in the prevention of fatty liver and cardiovascular disease in patients with diabetes, obesity, and those who have developed metabolic syndrome. Additionally, neuroendocrine tumors have always caught my eye.

In your profile, you mention you like to travel. Where are a few of your favorite places, and what did you like about them?

Travel opens one’s mind to a world beyond her own. I enjoy going to places where I can enjoy the ocean, mountains, native fresh fruit, and just be one with nature. While I lived in Indiana, I enjoyed escaping to the windy city, Chicago during any time of the year. Miami is a second home to me as I was there during medical school and took my breaks on the quiet northern beaches swimming, snorkeling, or paddle boarding.

What has been one of your most memorable travel experiences?

My last memories of travel are of the majestic Lake Diablo situated in the North Cascade mountains, while visiting Seattle, WA. Upon finding this hidden gem, I found the views from the bottom of the lake and the top of the mountains to be serene breathtaking and refreshing.

Another favorite memory of mine is of the picturesque rolling hills and pebble beaches of Costa Verde in Lima, Peru. I immersed myself into the Peruvian culture and sipped on traditional Chicha Morada while watching the waves crash on the beach. In the afternoons, I would walk to the local market and buy some of my favorite exotic fruits such as cherimoya, dragon fruit, and prickly pear. The best part was that they were sold at a great price and it was amazing to be able to enjoy them every day.