What inspires you? 

For some NICHD trainees, the answer to that question is the excitement of being the first person to know something. For others, the answer involves seeing how research impacts society. For me, I realized it was the wrong question. It’s not what, but instead who, that inspires me. 

Every year, I draw an enormous amount of inspiration from the career panelists during the annual meeting for NICHD fellows. I love hearing about the winding career paths that begin in one direction, only to twist and turn and eventually lead somewhere unanticipated but utterly fulfilling. These scientists, who find passion in what they do, are inspiring. We have captured a snapshot of this in our annual Q&As with the retreat career panelists. Learn about what they do and why they enjoy it in “Career Speaker Highlights from the 17th Annual Fellows Retreat.” Continue to the career keynote recap, written by postbac Ashley Pratt, to learn about opportunities and strategies for a successful career in science. 

Another source of inspiration is each other—your current colleagues in the NICHD training program. Leadership sees this too, and it was evident in this year’s NICHD Intramural Scientific Retreat. Check out the many training-related highlights from the day. 

Now that you’re all inspired, visit this month’s Rep Report and November announcements to learn about the research and career development activities designed to help you succeed on your own career journey—wherever it may take you. 

Your Editor in Chief,
Shana R. Spindler, PhD

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