I’m not a fan of uncertainty. Some people love it—thrive on it even, but that’s not me. So, you can imagine that when the inevitable imbalance of hormones, called perimenopause, slowly crept into my daily life, I. Didn’t. Like It. Since those first few months of noticeable change, uncertainty has been everywhere. My responses to innocuous things are unpredictable. The health monitor on my watch has displayed some surprising stats. And the best adjective I can use to describe sleep quality during this time is erratic.

I know this seems like a strange outlet to discuss these issues. I’d like to argue, though, that this is exactly the place to mention it. The NICHD is a driving force in advancing research on human health and development. And you, from early career trainees to senior fellows, are a critical part of that force. Every day you decrease uncertainty through your research, your ideas, and your efforts to better understand the human body. This, in turn, makes life better for people who benefit from the results.

For those of you who prefer to know the fine details of your future, we’ve compiled a list of the regularly occurring career development workshops, courses, and awards that are available to NICHD trainees throughout the year. You’ll also find near-term events in this month’s Rep Report and the January announcements and events. Mark those calendars!

Amid much uncertainty, one thing is certain: you have many exciting opportunities ahead as NICHD fellows. Happy new year to all. Here’s to learning, advancing, and forming connections with other fellows (with a little vulnerability while doing so)

Your Editor in Chief,
Shana R. Spindler, PhD

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