Wednesday, May 3, 1 PM

The Universe of Careers Waiting for You—Plan Now for Your Success
Led by Stem Career Services

The universe of careers available to STEM graduates outside is widespread and exciting. Often, STEM graduates have limited knowledge of the types of careers they can pursue upon completion of their education and training. This workshop describes strategies for exploring career opportunities based on a variety of factors (personal interests, industry trends, desired geography, and more). Attendees will also be introduced to tools they can use to identify potential careers of interest and to gain skills that will enable them to be strong candidates for the positions they seek when they are ready to start applying for jobs.

Please email Ms. Veronica Harker ( to register, and a link will be provided a few days prior to the webinar.

Monday–Wednesday, May 8–10

16th Annual NIH Career Symposium (All Virtual)

The NIH Career Symposium is an annual event for all fellows who are interested in what career options are available to biomedical researchers. Please visit the 16th Annual Career Symposium website for more information.

Wednesday, May 31, 1 PM

Networking—One of the Most Underappreciated Skills in Landing the Job You Want
Led by Stem Career Services

As you go about your professional interactions, you will inevitably encounter the request “tell me a little bit about yourself.” This first impression frequently sets the foundation for a relationship and can help determine if someone will choose to grow the relationship. The traditional “elevator pitch”—a 30–60 second introduction about oneself—is commonly practiced, memorized, and delivered to initiate this conversation.

Your initial interactions with people can set you on a path of relationship success. Therefore, it is essential to understand the role that networking plays in career development, and also the long-term role it plays for career success. Networking, crafting elevator pitches, and sustaining professional relationships are essential career and life skills that you can master with the tools and advice you will learn at this workshop.

Please email Ms. Veronica Harker ( to register, and a link will be provided a few days prior to the webinar.

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