Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program

Contact Information

Dr. Rachel Gafni

Interim Program Director, Pediatric Endocrinology Inter-Institute Training Program

Phone: 301-594-9924


Brittney Corbin

Program Coordinator

Phone:  301-496-4786



1st Year2nd Year3rd Year
Clinical Rotations
NIH Ward4 months--
CNHS (Inpatient and outpatient)4 months--
Walter Reed2 months--
NIH Consult Service1 month2.5 months2.5 months

1 m elective (can spend at Georgetown,

Johns Hopkins or research rotation)*


* Elective time available as mentioned above

Remaining TimeRemaining Time
Continuity Clinic

One half day/weekOne half day/weekOne half day/week
Call Schedule
NIH4-5 weeks during NIH ward rotation2.5 months during consult service2.5 months during consult service
CNHS5 weeks during CNHS inpatient rotation4 weeks3 weeks

Policies and Rotation Information