Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program


The fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology is a three year accredited program providing comprehensive training in clinical patient management and guidance in the development of research skills. The fellowship is at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and based at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Research Center, Bethesda (NIH-CRC).

News and Announcements

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A page listing all calendars can be found here.

Case Conference Schedule


September 3rd  Dr. Paul Kaplowitz

September 10th Dr. Angela Delaney

September 17th  WRAMC

September 24th Dr. Constantine Stratakis



October 1st  Dr. Rachel Gafni

October 8th Canceled due to Boards

October 15th Dr. Christina Tatsi

October 22nd Dr. Angela Verardo

October 29th Dr. Kannan Kasturi



November 5th Dr.Miranda Broadney

November 12th Dr. Andrew Bremer

November 19th Dr. Marisa Lightbourne



December 3rd Dr. Rebecca Brown

December 10th Dr. Ellen Leschek

December 17th WRAMC


Board Review Conference Schedule


September 3rd: Cemre “Gonadal hormone synthesis, secretion, transport, metabolism, action to Peptide hormones” (page 59 bot to page 61 top)

September 10th: Christina “Abnormalities of sexual differentiation and development to 46,XX DSD” (page 61 top to page 63 bot)

September 17th : WRAMC “Other genital deformations and malformations to Pubertal children” (page 63 bot to page 65 bot)

September 24th: Ovi “Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism” (page 65bot to page 67 top)



October 1st  WRAMC ” Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism to Central precocious puberty management ” (page 67top to page 69 top)

October 8th Canceled due to Boards

October 15th Kannan “Pseudoprecocity to gynecomastia” (page 69top page 70top)

October 22nd Cemre ”Other Hormones to Natriuretic peptide” (page 70 top to page 72 bot)

October 29th Christina “Glucagon-like peptide to Amylin” (page 72 bot to page 74 top)



November 5th Ovi  “Lipoproteins and lipids to hypertriglyceridemia” (page 74 top to page 75 bot)

November 12th Miranda “Multiple endocrine neoplasia and polyglandular autoimmune disease to Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome, type II” (page 75 top to page 77top)

November 19th WRAMC “Methods and Biological Principles to Cell Biology” (page 77top to page 78bot)



December 3rd Marissa “Hormone action to Epidemiologic studies” (page 78bot to page 80mid)

December 10th Miranda “Principles of Use of Biostatistics in Research to Measurement” (page 80bot to page 83 top)

December 17th WRAMC “Applying Research to Clinical Practice to Vulnerable populations” (page 83top to page 85bot)

Journal Club

September 21 – Jack Yanovski

October 19 – Jeff Baron and Ovidiu Galescu

November 16 – Constantine Stratakis and Angela Delaney

December 21 – Rebecca Brown and Miranda Broadney

January 25 – Maya Lodish and Stephanie Chung

February 22 - Youn Hee Jee and Kannan Kasturi

March 21 – Kristina Rother and Cemre Robinson

April 18 -  Alison Boyce and Marissa Lightbourne

May 16 – Deborah Merke and Rachel Gafni

June 20 – Ashwini Mallappa and Christina Tatsi

Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program

Building 10, Room 9D42
10 Center Drive, MSC-1830
Bethesda, MD 20892-1830

Phone: 301-451-1466
Fax: 301-480-0378

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