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Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program
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The fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology is a three year accredited program providing comprehensive training in clinical patient management and guidance in the development of research skills. The fellowship is at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and based at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Research Center, Bethesda (NIH-CRC).

News and Announcements

Master Calendar added

A page listing all calendars can be found here.

Board Review Conference Schedule

March 2014 to June 2014

Based on the 2012 ABP Pediatric Endocrinology Content outline

March 6th                     Katerina- MEN and PGA disease  (Top of page 76 to middle of 77)

March 13th                   Ola – DNA through end of RNA (Middle of 77 to middle of 78)

March 20th                   Tony  – Protein synthesis through the end of Hormone action: receptors (middle of 78 to top of 79)

March 27th                   Ruth – Hormone action: Signal transduction through Hormone measurement: Bioassays (top of 79 to almost bottom of 79)

April 3rd                       Mary Scott – Hormone Measurement: Immunoassay through end of Epidemiologic studies (bottom of 79 to 2/3 down 80)

April 10th                     Drea – Priciples of Use of Biostats in research: Types of variables through Statistical tests ( Middle of 80 to third way down 81)

April 17th                      Ovi – Measurements of association through end of systemic reviews and meta-analysis

April 24th                      Tony – Principles of Epi and Clinical design through end of Incidence and Prevalence (Bottom of 81 to two thirds down 82)

May 1 – No Conference - (PAS - May 3rd- 6th)

May 8th                        Katerina – Screening through end of Using the medical literature (bottom of 82 to bottom of 83)

**** Restarting At the Beginning of the Content Outline *****

May 15th                      Ola - Carbohydrate metabolism through end of Receptor/Action (Page 1 to end of first section on page 2)

May 22nd                      Kate – Insulin deficiency and hyperglycemia through end of treatment of DKA (one third down page 2 to middle of page 3)

May 29th                      Ruth – Daily management through end of prognosis and complications (middle of page 3 to end of first section on page 5)

June 5th                         Mary Scott – Gestational diabetes through end of Type 2 diabetes (one third down page 5 to middle of page 6)

June 12th                      Ovi - Other forms of diabetes through end of hypoglycemia without hyperinsulinism (middle of page 6 to first bullet point on page 8)

June 19th                      No conference - (Endo – June 21- 24th)

June 26th                       Zhiyou – Hypoglycemia secondary to hyperinsulinism through end of Glucagon (Top of page 8 to two thirds down page 9)

Case Conference Schedule

March 13 –Stephanie Chung

March 20 – Zhiyou Zhang

March 27 – Katerina Nella

April 3 – WRAMC

April 10 – Andrea Estrada

April 17 – Ovi Galescu

April 24 – Joan Han – Obesity syndromes

May 1 – No Conference - (PAS - May 3rd- 6th)

May 8 – WRAMC

May 15 - Mary Scott Ramnitz

May 22 – Ovi Galescu

May 29 – WRAMC

June 5 – Zhiyou Zhang

June 12 – Ovi Galescu

June 19 – No conference -  (Endo – June 21- 24th)

June 26– Andrea Estrada

Journal Club

Journal Club Schedule for 2013-2014

  • Sep 16 - J. Yanovski
  • Oct 21 – E. Leschek and K. Rother
  • Nov 18 - R. Brown and O. Nilsson
  • Dec 16 – A. Estrada and M. Ramnitz
  • Jan 27 - C. Stratakis and K. Nella
  • Feb 24 - J. Baron and J. Han
  • March 24 – A. Delaney and S. Chung
  • April 28 - M. Lodish and R. Gafni
  • May 19 – D. Merke and A. Mallappa
  • June 23 – O. Galescu and Z. Zhang

Download Schedule -  (14kb, Word Document)


Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program

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