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Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program
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The fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology is a three year accredited program providing comprehensive training in clinical patient management and guidance in the development of research skills. The fellowship is at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and based at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Research Center, Bethesda (NIH-CRC).

News and Announcements

Master Calendar added

A page listing all calendars can be found here.

Board Review Conference Schedule


January 8th:  Ruth:  “Hyperthyroidism other causes to Other (including)” (page 26 bottom to page 28 top)

January 15th: Ovi: “Thyroiditis - Thyroid gland neoplasms” (page 27 top – page 29 bot)

January 22nd: Drea “Adrenal Disorders: Cortisol Ontogeny/Embryology to Receptor/Action” (page 29 bot to page 30 bot

January 29th: Rachael “Cortisol Deficiency” (page 30 top – page 32 bot)



February 5th:  Mary Scott ”Cortisol Excess to Androgens Physiology and adrenal androgen deficiency” (page 32 top to page 34 bot)

 February  12th Ruth “Adrenal androgen excess to Estrogens including” (page 34bot to page 36top)

February 19th: Break

February 26th: Ovi “Aldosterone Physiology to Other Including” (page 36top to page 38top)



March 5th ENDO 2015

March 12th: Drea “ Catecholamines Physiology to Other” (page 38top to page 39top)

March 19th: Break - no questions, resume regular schedule next week

March 26th: Ovi “Pituitary/Hypothalamus Physiology to Other Including” (page 39top to page 41 top”



April 2nd: Break- no questions, resume regular schedule next week

April 9th: Drea “ Thyrotropin Physiology to Corticotropin Pathology” ( page 42bot to page 44 top)

April 16th: Mary Scott “Growth Hormone Physiology to Other (page 41 top to page 42 bot)

April 23rd PAS 2015

April 30th: Ovi “Gonadotropins – Prolactin” (page 44 top to page 46 top)



May 7th: Mary Scott “Vasopressin Physiology to Oxytocin” (Page 46 top to page 48 top)

May 14th: Drea “Growth Auxology to Other Growth Factors” ( page 48 top to page 51 top”


May 21st: Ovi “Disorders of growth to Disease of endocrine system” (Page 51 top to page 53 top)

May 28th: Drea “Overgrowth to Sex steroid manipulations including” ( page 53 top to page 55 top)



June 4th: Break - no questions, resume regular schedule next week

June 11th: Mary Scott “Obesity to Eating Disorders” (page 55top to page 57 top)

June 18th: Ovi “Reproductive Endocrine System to Secondary sexual organs” (page 57 top to page 59 bot”)

June 25th: Just Questions




July 2nd: Break - no questions, resume regular schedule next week

July 9th: Cemre “Gonadal hormone synthesis, secretion, transport, metabolism, action to Peptide hormones” (page 59 bot to page 61 top)

July 16th: Miranda “Abnormalities of sexual differentiation and development to 46,XX DSD” (page 61 top to page 63 bot)

July 23rd: WRAM “Other genital deformations and malformations to Pubertal children” (page 63 bot to page 65 bot)

July 30th: Ovi “Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis to Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism” (page 65bot to page 67 top)


Case Conference Schedule

January 8th: Dr. Constantine Stratakis

January 15th: Dr. Cemre Robinson

January 22nd: WRAMC

January 29th: Dr. Rachel Gafni

February 5th: Dr. Jeff Baron

February 12th: Dr. Alison Boyce

February 19th: Dr. Yael Lebenthal

February 26th: Dr. Deborah Merke

March 5th: ENDO 2015

March 12th: Dr. Kristina Rother    

March 19th: Dr. Fran Cogen: Director, Diabetes Services; Director, Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Complex; Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Children's National Health System

March 26th: Dr. Ellen Leschek  

April 2nd: Dr. Sheila Magge : Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Director of Research, Center for Translational Science, IDEAL Clinic, Children’s National Health System

April 9th: Dr. Jenny Blau

April 16th: Dr. Jack Yanovski

April 23rd: PAS 2015

April 30th: Dr. Yael Lebenthal

May 7th: Dr. Deborah Merke

May 14th: Dr. Stephanie Chung

May 21st: Dr. Youn Hee Jee

May 28th: Francis Tintani, MD (JHMI)

June 4th: Dr. Priya Vaidyanathan, MD, Director of Trainee Education, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Children’s National Health System

June 11th: Dr. Maya Lodish

June 18th: Dr. Cemre Robinson

June 25th: Dr. Miranda Broadney


Journal Club

September 22 – Jack Yanovski

October 20 – Jeff Baron & Ellen Leschek

November 17 – Andrea Estrada & Rachel Gafni

December 15 – Maya Lodish & Mary Scott Ramnitz

January 26 – Rebecca Brown & Stephanie Chung

February 23 – Youn Hee Jee & Kristina Rother

March 23 – Drew Bremer & Angela Delaney

April 20 – Constantine Stratakis & Ovi Galescu

May 18 – Deborah Merke & Ashwini Mallappa

June 22 – Miranda Broadney & Cemre Robinson

Pediatric Endocrinology Training Program

Building 10, Room 9D42
10 Center Drive, MSC-1830
Bethesda, MD 20892-1830

Phone: 301-451-1466
Fax: 301-480-0378