Building 6 is a large brick building on a small hill

The Division of Developmental Biology (DDB) is a diverse and highly interactive Division in cellular, molecular, and developmental biology research within the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Division of Intramural Research (DIR) located in Bethesda, Maryland. Comprised of 19 separate laboratories and two shared animal Core facilities, the DDB is the largest program in the NICHD DIR, encompassing a wide variety of research areas including developmental differentiation and patterning, chromatin dynamics and epigenetics, the immune system, the viral life cycle, DNA replication, gene regulation, and RNA metabolism. Program investigators perform research using a wide variety of models including viruses, bacteria, mammalian cell culture, yeast, fruit flies, zebrafish, frogs, and mice.

We offer vigorous training for scientists at the post-baccalaureate, graduate, and postgraduate level. Excellent candidates are urged to apply.

Principal Investigators:

  • Harold Burgess – Analysis of neural circuits controlling behavior in zebrafish
  • Mike Cashel – Molecular regulation of the prokaryotic stress response
  • David Clark – The role of chromatin structure in gene activation
  • Ajay Chitnis Early neural and lateral line development, Notch signaling
  • Robert Crouch – RNase H function in health and disease
  • Igor Dawid (Emeritus) – Early embryonic development and patterning in the frog and zebrafish 
  • Melvin DePamphilis – Regulation of DNA replication in normal and in cancer cells in the mammal
  • Judith Kassis – Gene silencing by Polycomb group genes (PcG) in Drosophila
  • James Kennison – Drosophila developmental genetics
  • Paul Love – Genes regulating mammalian hematopoiesis 
  • Todd Macfarlan Epigenome reprogramming in mammals
  • Richard Maraia – RNA metabolism, the La protein and RNA Polymerase III
  • Keiko Ozato – Gene regulation in innate immunity
  • Karl Pfeifer – Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in the mouse; mouse cardiac development and function
  • Pedro RochaCell lineage differentiation, gene regulation, non-coding DNA elements and the 3D architecture of chromosomes
  • Brant Weinstein – Vascular development in the zebrafish


Animal Facilities:

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