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  • Harold Burgess – Analysis of neural circuits controlling behavior in zebrafish
  • Mike Cashel – Molecular regulation of the prokaryotic stress response
  • David Clark – The role of chromatin structure in gene activation
  • Ajay Chitnis Early neural and lateral line development, Notch signaling
  • Robert Crouch – RNase H function in health and disease
  • Igor Dawid (Emeritus) – Early embryonic development and patterning in the frog and zebrafish 
  • Melvin DePamphilis – Regulation of DNA replication in normal and in cancer cells in the mammal
  • Judith Kassis – Gene silencing by Polycomb group genes (PcG) in Drosophila
  • James Kennison – Drosophila developmental genetics
  • Paul Love – Genes regulating mammalian hematopoiesis 
  • Todd Macfarlan Epigenome reprogramming in mammals
  • Richard Maraia – RNA metabolism, the La protein and RNA Polymerase III
  • Keiko Ozato – Gene regulation in innate immunity
  • Karl Pfeifer – Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in the mouse; mouse cardiac development and function
  •  Pedro RochaCell lineage differentiation, gene regulation and how , non-coding DNA elements and the 3D architecture of chromosomes contribute
  • Brant Weinstein – Vascular development in the zebrafish


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