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Please join The NICHD Connection in welcoming the following fellows to the NICHD family:

Zelia Ferreira Worman

Zelia Ferreira Worman

IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow

Home city and country: Porto, Portugal

Degree institution: University of Porto, Portugal with a two-year special volunteer appointment at NHGRI (Eric Green’s lab) and a six-month visiting graduate student appointment at Cornell University (Andrew G. Clark’s lab)

NICHD Mentor: Dr. Henry Levin

Area of research: I study the potential role of polymorphic transposable elements in the development of mental illness. I am also the lead chair of the Service and Outreach subcommittee for FelCom.

Lingyu Bao

Lingyu Bao

Graduate student

Home city and country: Xi’an, China

Degree institution: PhD student, Xi’an Jiaotong University (China)

NICHD mentor: Dr. Yun-bo Shi

Area of research: I study the molecular factors involved in the stem cell development of intestine using the frog and mouse line.

Shelby Newsad

Shelby Newsad

IRTA Postbaccalaureate Fellow

Home city and state: Beverly, Ohio 

Degree Institution: The Ohio State University

NICHD mentor: Dr. Michaela Serpe

Area of Research: I study the proteins involved in the clustering of synaptic factors using model organism Drosophila melanogaster.