Dr. Amber Stratman receiving the mentor award from Laura Gorrell

Dr. Amber Stratman with presenter Laura Gorrell. Investigator Mentor of the Year Dr. Tamás Balla was not present.

Photo by Jeremy Swan. Click to enlarge.

The NICHD Mentor of the Year Award is an opportunity to recognize individuals whose mentoring has made a difference in someone’s life at NIH. The two mentoring award categories are fellows and investigators. Nominations were invited from all trainee groups in NICHD, and each nominator had to write a statement, on which the selection committee based its decisions. The selection committee included NICHD clinical and postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and postbac fellows.

For the fellow mentoring award, the three finalists included:

  • Dr. Vasilisa Aksenova, nominated by a postbac fellow, Alexandra Smith
  • Dr. Amber Stratman, nominated by her mentor, Dr. Brant Weinstein, and three postbac fellows: Sofia Pezoa, Margaret Burns, Olivia Farrelly
  • Dr. Afrouz Anderson, nominated by a postbac fellow, Kian Parsa

The fellow Mentor of the Year winner is Dr. Amber Stratman

For the investigator award, the three finalists included:

  • Dr. Tamás Balla, nominated by a graduate student, Elisa Arthofer
  • Dr. Mary Dasso, nominated by serval trainees in her lab: Saroj Regmi, Vasilisa Aksenova, Shane Chen, Carlos Echeverria, Alexandra Smith, and Elizabeth Turcotte
  • Dr. Alan DeCherney, nominated by several REI clinical fellows: Mae Healy, Nicole Banks, Jessica Zolten, Nicole Doyle, Shelley Dolitsky, Matt Connell, Toral Parikh, Justin Pilgrim, Katherine Green, Carter Owen and Terrence Lewis

The investigator Mentor of the Year winner is Dr. Tamás Balla