Three-minute Talks 2019 logoThe Three-minute Talks (TmT) competition is an annual science communication program at the NIH. The competition fosters an environment for fellows to convey their research in a concise and meaningful way to a broad scientific audience. On May 8, 2019, the NICHD held an internal competition to select a set of finalists for the NIH-wide TmT event.

Please join us in congratulating the 2019 NICHD awardees:

NICHD Awardees

  • Aparna Ajjarapu (Postbac, Epidemiology Branch, DIPHR)
  • Jenna Kanner (Postbac, Epidemiology Branch, DIPHR)
  • Ross Kaufhold (Postbac, Dasso lab, DIR)
  • Feng Li (Postdoc, Levin lab, DIR)
  • Mengying Li (Postdoc, Epidemiology Branch, DIPHR)

This year, several of the 2019 NICHD TmT participants have offered to recap their Three-minute-Talk research in a three-sentence sum-up. Check them out below!

Aparna Ajjarapu

Women with a history of gestational diabetes (GDM) are at an increased risk for later renal impairment, and finding dietary factors that could promote kidney health among this high risk population is important. Nuts are rich in nutrients that could promote kidney health, and our study aimed to investigate the associations between nut intake and renal function among women with prior GDM. Findings from our study suggest that two to three servings of nuts per week may promote kidney health among women with prior GDM.

Jenna Kanner

Temperature changes profoundly affect pregnant women and their offspring, leading to outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight. The risk factors for stillbirth, a prevalent and preventable outcome of pregnancy, are not fully investigated, but studies suggest a relationship between stillbirth and temperature. Using a time-stratified case crossover design, we found that the risk of stillbirth increases between six to eight percent for every additional one degree Celsius during the week prior to delivery.

Ross Kaufhold

The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is a massive protein complex that facilitates the transport of cargo between the nucleus and cytoplasm. The protein components of the NPC, called nucleoporins, have roles in both cell division and nuclear transport. We are using CRISPR/Cas9 and a novel degron system to quickly degrade individual nucleoporins and characterize each protein’s specific roles in nuclear transport and cell division.

Feng Li

The fatal virus HIV-1 is able to insert its genome into the host DNA without integrase, which is the core viral factor catalyzing the integration process. We used a retrotransposon Tf1 in fission yeast as a powerful model for HIV replication. By studying the integration profile of Tf1 lacking integrase, we saw for the first time that the integrase-independent insertions are mediated by homologous recombination.

Mengying Li

My research examines gestational diabetes and its consequences on women and children's health over the life span. I conduct my research by designing population-based studies and analyzing the data to elucidate determinants of health outcomes. I am particularly focused on modifiable factors such as nutrition, which may be targeted by public health interventions.

Mai-Han Trinh (Semi-Finalist)

Research has shown that screen media time harms child development, but few longitudinal studies in the US have examined factors related to screen use among children under three years. Using the Upstate KIDS Study, we found that a range of sociodemographic characteristics, like childcare type and parental education, predict children’s screen time. Importantly, screen time habits are established from as early as infancy and persist over childhood, emphasizing the need for earlier interventions.