Don’t be afraid to fail. That’s my advice to our incoming postbacs—and really all people in general. Through failure, we gain insight, resilience, and experience. It’s ok to tackle a daunting task. To attempt something you’ve never tried before. Don’t assume the best or worst outcomes. Just do it.

For our postbac-themed issue this month, our award-winning NICHD postdocs have offered a few pieces of advice too. Check it out here. But first for our front-page feature, former postbac Carissa Stover shares the valuable lessons she learned through her time at the NICHD. Her sentiments are a wonderful gift to pass on to our incoming postbac trainees.

Let’s not forget about everyone else, as we have a lot of excellent research and career development opportunities coming up for all trainee levels. Dr. Suna Gulay updates us on the NIH Fellows Committee activities in her “Rep Report” and we welcome several new clinical and postbaccalaureate NICHD fellows as well. Pull out those calendars, because we have quite a few September announcements and events. See you there!

Your Editor in Chief,
Shana R. Spindler, PhD

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