May 18, 20, & 22

“The Business of Science: How to Land Your First Job” by SciPhD

A new training for fellows and graduate students preparing for their professional career transition

SciPhD will offer a series of three 90-minute live webinars that cover:

  • Finding jobs
  • Analyzing job ads to determine your skill match and qualifications
  • Developing experience statements and accomplishments that demonstrate your qualifications
  • Generating a draft formatted targeted resume
  • Preparing for the interview process
WEBINAR 1Monday, May 18Job Types, Critical Skills, Your Brand
WEBINAR 2Wednesday, May 20Flamingo Training, Finding a Job, Analyzing a Job, Am I Qualified?, Targeted Resume
WEBINAR 3Friday, May 22Networking, Applying, Interviewing, Landing the Job

In addition, each participant receives their own individual license to SciPhD online web application Flamingo® that allows you to put into action the skills you learn in the webinar. Import a job ad, use Flamingo®’s Job Analytics Engine to identify critical skills, and generate a targeted resume.

SciPhD has worked with over 120 institutions over the past 8-10 years on preparing thousands of academic scientists to successfully transition to professional careers.

If you would like to sign up for these live webinar sessions, please contact Ms. Monica Cooper at