Monday, June 7, 2–4 PM

Virtual Grant Writing Session for IRF Applicants
Led by Triesta Fowler, MD

In 2018, DIR launched the Intramural Research Fellowship (IRF), a competitive research funding opportunity for NICHD postdoctoral, visiting, and clinical fellows. Its main objective is to promote grant writing among our intramural trainees, while enhancing awareness of the various components of an NIH grant application. For all prospective applicants, the Office of Education will offer a training session to cover various components of an NIH grant, details about the application and review processes, and tips on preparing an IRF application.

Attendance at this virtual training session is a requirement for submission. For more information on the IRF, please visit NICHD Intramural Research Fellowship. The IRF submission date is Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Please email Ms. Veronica Harker ( if you are planning to attend the training session.

As a new requirement for this cycle, in order to apply for this award, you must also submit a brief statement of intent to Dr. Triesta Fowler ( by Friday, June 4th (copying your NICHD mentor to confirm their support). This statement should be submitted as a pdf document and should provide a brief summary (½–1 page maximum) of your IRF research proposal and a running title for the application. Please note that the details of your proposal do not need to be solidified for this statement of intent—rather, this should be a brief introduction and summary of the project you are planning.

Friday, June 25, 10–12 PM

Three-minute Talks 2021 logoNIH-Wide TmT Competition

In addition to two NICHD finalists, up to two fellows each from NEI, NHGRI, NIAMS, NIDCR, NIDCD, NINR, NIDDK, NIAID and NCATS, will compete. NICHD fellows who score in the top three at the final competition will receive an additional $500 award for approved travel/conference registration or training. We will announce this event throughout DIR and DIPHR—be sure to invite your lab mates and friends/colleagues!

Zoom information will be circulated throughout the DIR and DIPHR a few days prior to the event.

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