To our fellows who dream of a medical degree—this issue is for you. The process of selecting potential MD or MD-PhD programs and doing a little soul searching about why you want to be a doctor is a daunting process, no doubt. But we have two articles that aim to demystify physician-scientist training and help fellows feel more comfortable taking the next steps.

First, former postbac fellow Calvin Fang describes his experiences so far as a fifth year MD-PhD candidate at Yale School of Medicine. This is a great article to learn about what to expect in an MD-PhD program and how to apply and train successfully.

Second, we recap Dr. Triesta Fowler’s presentation on the medical school search and application process. During her talk, she offered practical tips that all fellows who plan to apply to medical school should know. We have provided a synopsis of key points, which are sure to help you tackle your medical school journey.

As we head into the medical school application season, there are several exciting opportunities available to fellows at all levels of training—check out the March Rep Report, announcements, and events to learn more.

Before I sign off, I want to draw your attention to our “Deconstructing Bias” column, which this month focuses on the term allyship. Please take the time to read about this important concept. Our institute, and science in general, will benefit greatly from our efforts to all become allies.

Your Editor in Chief,
Shana R. Spindler, PhD

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