Thursday, September 8, 1–4 PM

NICHD DIR Tenure-Track Investigator Virtual Symposia Series
“The logic and illogic of cell fate decisions”
Hosted by Jeff Farrell, PhD

This series provides tenure-track investigators within NICHD the opportunity to organize a virtual mini-symposium to showcase their area of science to the NICHD DIR and larger NIH intramural community. These symposia are open to all faculty, trainees, and staff at the NIH.

Join the symposium at

Wednesday, September 14, 12–2 pm

“How Does Diversity Affect Innovation in Pharma?” Virtual Seminar

The NIH Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity (COSWD) office will host a virtual event, “How Does Diversity Affect Innovation In Pharma?,” on Wednesday, September 14, from 12 noon–2 pm (seminar: 12–1 pm; tea-time for trainees: 1–2 pm).

The panelists are leaders in pharmaceutical organizations and will discuss how diversity impacts creativity and innovation in pharma. During the tea-time that follows, panelists will share stories from their professional paths, opportune transition points, the importance of a circle of mentors, and options outside of academia.

Registration is now open! Learn more about the seminar at the COSWD blog.

Tuesday, September 20, All Day (Virtual Event)

NICHD Intramural Scientific Retreat

We strongly encourage all NICHD intramural researchers, PIs, and lab members, to attend as we celebrate our research achievements and try to spark new ideas and collaborations. There is no registration required to attend the meeting, but anyone who would like to submit a poster online may do so at

Wednesday, September 21, 1 PM

NICHD Postbac Orientation Session

Our institute has approximately 100 postbacs conducting both clinical and basic science research. The Office of Education would like to bring our postbacs together to meet each other and discuss opportunities for service and leadership, along with the various resources and services available to you at NICHD and NIH-wide.

We aim to enrich fellows’ NIH experience with career development, outreach, and social activities. Learn about:

  • NIH Library resources
  • The Annual Postbac Seminar Series
  • Opportunities for enhancing your science communications skills
  • Shadowing opportunities in the NIH Clinical Center
  • NICHD Office of Education Services & Resources
  • The Office of Intramural Training and Education
  • Medical & Graduate School Application Support
  • And more!

The NICHD Postbac Orientation Session is mandatory for all postbacs who started on or after January 2022, but all NICHD postbacs are welcome. To register, please contact Ms. Katherine Lamb (

Thursday, September 29, All Day (Virtual Event)

The 17th Annual Meeting for Postdoctoral, Clinical, Visiting Fellows, Graduate Students, and Postbacs

Please register by Friday, September 9

This meeting will allow you to step away from the lab for a day to network with your NICHD colleagues, participate in a career exploration session, and learn more about the recent developments in our intramural research programs.

This year’s retreat will include:

  • Keynote presentation by Dr. Rosa Puertollano, Senior Investigator at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.
  • Afternoon keynote presentation by industry consultant Lauren Celano of Propel Careers.
  • Career breakout sessions with professionals from academe, industry, teaching, government administration, science communications, science policy, and grants management.
  • You can be a highlight at the retreat too! You will have the option to create a poster for online viewing and present your poster with a three-minute talk. There will also be slots for several fellows to give ten-minute scientific presentations.