A look back at Intramural NICHD fellow (with mentor) accomplishments during 2022

The Fellows' Annual Meeting

The NICHD Office of Education hosted a fully VIRTUAL 17th Annual Meeting for Postdoctoral, Clinical & Visiting Fellows, Graduate Students & Postbacs on September 29, 2022. The day included:

  • A keynote lecture on the role of lysosomes in disease by Senior Investigator Dr. Rosa Puertollano (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute)
  • A career keynote by industry consultant Ms. Lauren Celano (Propel Careers)
  • Three career-focused Q&A breakout panels
  • An NICHD Strategic Plan presentation
  • 11 featured scientific talks by NICHD fellows
  • And 16 three-minute poster talks!

Check out the full recap of the fellow presentations in this issue and the career panel Q&As here.

NIH-Wide Recognition

Congratulations to the 16 NICHD fellows who received a 2023 Fellows Award for Research Excellence (FARE), an NIH-wide competition that recognizes the important research of intramural fellows. NICHD had the 4th highest number of applicants and awardees! See a complete list of NICHD winners here.

Priyanka Singh, PhD (Hinnebusch lab) and Zoe E. Piccus (Le Pichon) were the Scientific Interest Group Awardees for the RNA Club and Woman Scientist Advisor groups, respectively.

Congratulations to the 9 NICHD postbacs who received an Outstanding Poster Award for scoring within the top 20% of all posters at the 2022 Virtual Postbac Poster Day, held April 26–28, 2022. See a complete list of NICHD winners here.

Mor Alkaslasi (Le Pichon lab) received a Graduate Student Research Award in the Neuroscience, Behavioral Sciences, and Psychology category at the 18th Annual NIH Graduate Student Research Symposium, held February 16–17, 2022.

NICHD Award Programs

Laura Pillay, PhD (Section on Vertebrate Organogenesis) and Edwina Yeung, PhD (Epidemiology Branch) received the 2022 Mentor of the Year Awards for Fellow and Investigator, respectively.

Layla Ahmadi (Love lab), Diana Augustin (Gilman lab), and Samra Beyene (Petros lab) joined NICHD as Developing Talent Scholars awardees.

Diana Elizondo, PhD (Yanovski lab) joined NICHD as a Fellows Recruitment Incentive Award (FRIA) awardee.

Jeremie Oliver (D’Souza lab) won the internal NICHD Three-minute Talks (TmT) competition this summer and was selected to join the NIH-wide TmT competition on June 30th.

Congratulations to the 2022 and 2023 Intramural Research Fellowship awardees:

2022 Recipients

  • Paul Atkins, PhD (Levin lab)
  • Stephanie Lehman, PhD (Machner lab)
  • Jennifer Panlilio, PhD (Burgess lab)
  • Joyce Thompson, PhD (Rocha lab)

…And get their grant writing wisdom here.

2023 Recipients

  • Zhenyu Zuo, PhD (Rocha lab)
  • Adriana Golding, PhD (Bonifacino lab)
  • Miranda Marvel, PhD (Weinstein lab)
  • Avik Dutta, PhD (Love lab)
  • Jong Park, PhD (Weinstein lab)
Congratulations to the 2022 NICHD Early Career Award Recipients:
Philip Adams, PhD (Independent Research Scholar Investigator)
Paul Atkins, PhD (Levin lab)
Melania Bruno, PhD (Macfarlan lab)
Yuen Yan Chang, PhD (Machner lab)
An Dang Do, MD, PhD (Porter lab)
Diana Elizondo, PhD (Yanovski lab)
Leah Greenspan, PhD (Weinstein lab)
Zubeyir Gun, MD (Jee lab)
Jing Yu, PhD (Gilman lab)
Milena Jovanovic, PhD (Marini lab)
Huang Lin, PhD (Peddada lab)
Miranda Marvel, PhD (Weinstein lab)
Tusharkumar Patel, PhD (Yanovski lab)
Julia Porth, PhD (Cheon lab)
Bo-Mi Song, PhD (Stopfer lab)
Kiyohito Taimatsu, PhD (Weinstein lab)
Yuta Tanizaki, PhD (Shi lab)
Joyce Thompson, PhD (Rocha lab)
Narumon Thongdee, PhD (Storz lab)
Arya Vindu, PhD (Dever lab)
Rilee Zeinert, PhD (Storz lab)
Aoshu Zhong, PhD (Storz lab)

Program Specific Awards

Abhinav Sur, PhD (Farrell lab) was awarded the best poster award for his poster “Shared and tissue-specific molecular states during zebrafish development” at the International Zebrafish Society (IZFS) annual conference in June 2022, held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Sur also gave a talk at the Society of Developmental Biology (SDB) conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in July 2022—a significant achievement!

Daniel Tetreault (Adams) received a Microbiology Society Award for Excellent Poster at the 6th Meeting on Regulating with RNA in Bacteria and Archaea held January 3–6, 2022.

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