Wednesday, December 7, 1–2 PM

How to Evaluate, Build, and Highlight Transferrable and Career Relevant Skills
Led by Lauren Celano, CEO and co-founder of Propel Careers

Lauren Celano will provide insight on how to evaluate the transferable skills that are valued in various scientific careers, highlighting the essential non-scientific skills you can build while performing research, and demonstrating ways to apply these skills in your desired career to achieve your goals. Advice will be provided for various career paths, including research and non-research roles. Lauren will also provide guidance on how to package scientific and non-scientific skills on resumes, cover letters, and during interviews.

Thursday, December 8, 1–3 PM

NICHD DIR Tenure-Track Investigator Virtual Symposia Series
“Impact of social and socioeconomic disadvantage on children’s diet and eating behavior”
Hosted by Bobby Cheon, PhD

This series provides tenure-track investigators within NICHD the opportunity to organize a virtual mini-symposium to showcase their area of science to the NICHD DIR and larger NIH intramural community. These symposia are open to all faculty, trainees, and staff at the NIH.

Join the symposium at

Wednesday, December 14, 1–3 PM

Chalk Talks with Scott Morgan

Chalk Talks are an increasingly important component of science communication. Once reserved for academic interviews, they are now common in industry and for tenure-track positions, such as the NIH Earl Stadtman Investigators program. This workshop will focus on the components that make an effective chalk talk and provide a safe place to practice new skills.

Topics include:

  • Connection to job talks
  • Relevance to faculty
  • What to draw on the white/blackboard
  • Levels of detail
  • Question anticipation
  • Tone and delivery

If you would like to attend, please contact Ms. Katherine Lamb (

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