NICHD summer interns presenting their research at the annual NIH Summer Poster Days

Natcher Conference Center, Bethesda Campus
Friday, August 4

Photos by Dr. Erin Walsh, unless otherwise noted

Poster session attendees chatting

An intern chats with Erin Walsh

NICHD Office of Education Director Dr. Erin Walsh with summer intern Jayashree Balaraman of the Matthies laboratory, Unit on Structural Biology. Photo courtesy of Dr. Doreen Matthies.

An intern explains her poster to Dr. McBain

NICHD Scientific Director Dr. Chris McBain with summer intern Katie Li of the Stopfer laboratory, Section on Sensory Coding and Neural Ensembles. Photo courtesy of Dr. Kui Sun.

A summer intern, wearing a blue plaid shirt,stands with her poster

A summer intern, dressed in khakis and a dusty pink polo shirt, stands with his poster

A young woman wearing a black blazer stands with her research poster

A high-angle photo of poster presenters and attendees

A summer intern gestures towards her poster as she explains her work to onlookers

A summer intern discusses her poster with a young man

An intern wearing a burnt orange top and long gold necklace smiles next to her poster

A summer intern wears a striped button down shirt and a wide, beaming smile as he stands with his poster

Summer interns look over a research poster

A young man stands with his poster featuring a zebrafish illustration

An intern stands near her poster

A fellow discusses his poster with a P.I.