If you’ve had a chance to meet Megan Bohn, Ph.D., the new deputy director for the NICHD Office of Education, then you’ll know why I’m so excited about her introduction article in this month’s issue. Dr. Bohn joins the office with a skill set honed to the unique needs of biomedical research trainees. Just check out the subtitles of the article she wrote:

  • “I should be there by now” is a false belief that holds you back
  • Accurate self-awareness is key to improvement, but it's harder than you think
  • Networking is important, and it's easier than you think

After you finish reading Dr. Bohn’s article, we invite you to check out a few self-assessment resources inside and outside NIH. And don’t forget to browse The Rep Report and April announcements for a healthy list of activities that might align with your self-identified values and interests (read Dr. Bohn’s article to see what I’m talking about).

I’ll keep my words brief so that you can get to it!

Your Editor-in-Chief,
Shana R. Spindler, Ph.D.

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