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NICHD Zebrafish Genetics Core
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Policies & Fees

Division of Labor

Because of limited staff, the core favors a team-based approach for more involved projects. A team-based approach means that the core will provide training, access to equipment and standard reagents as well as quality-control feedback to someone from the recipient laboratory who will independently perform key parts of the needed experiments. This policy is essential to ensure that the core can serve everybody's needs. As a practical measure, shorter projects requiring only a single procedure might be performed exclusively by the core's staff. Official authorization and training is required for users wishing to handle zebrafish over three days old. 

Core Citizenship

Good core citizenship means reserving and logging the time that you use core equipment, proper use of the equipment and being mindful of others in the core's shared space.  To gain access, please return a signed copy of the NICHD Zebrafish Core User Agreement to Ben Feldman.

Charges for Core Access and Consumables

Please speak with Ben Feldman to obtain the most up-to-date pricing information.

Credit for Published Work

To help ensure our continued funding, it is critical that recognition be given on publications that use data derived with the core's assistance.